Our cookies, 1st party
_session_idAnonymous random idMaintain an HTTP-session during a visit.1 hour
ref_trackAnonymous id and referral idIdentify links sending incoming traffic for statistical analysis and for fixing expired or changed links.5 years
user_remember_[0-9]+User id and encrypted idIdentifies user login and lets the user continue to team's pages without logging in again.6 months
ad_[0-9a-z-]+Number ja timestampThe number of banner impressions per browser. The number is used to restrict ad display.1 week
Google Analytics, 3rd party
_gaAnonymous random idIdentify a browser across visits.2 years
_gidAnonymous random id.Identify a browser across visits.1 day
_gatRestrict requests to analytics.1 minute
Social media, 3rd party
a11y, sb, datr, c_user, xs, wd, act, fr, presenceMultiple Facebook cookies, c.f. Facebook cookiesOn pages that include an FB widget. Identify a browser across visits for tracking the user or ad campaigns.4 days—2 years
Advertisement, 3rd party. For settings, please see Your Online Choices
IDE, DSID, NID, TAID, T, S, __gads, __gac, .. Multiple Google cookies, c.f. Google cookiesOn pages with ads. Identify a browser across visits for tracking ad campaigns.1 day—1,5 years
C, cid, uid, .. Multiple Adform cookies, c.f. Adform cookiesOn pages that include Adform ads. Identify a browser across visits for tracking ad campaigns.1—2 months