New data privacy regulation is enforced in May 2018. The regulation harmonizes data privacy laws across Europe with the goal to protect EU citizens. The regulation applies to businesses as well as other registered organizations (such as many sports clubs). Many sports clubs have contacted us to ask about the effect of the new regulation.

We at Kadermanager have been following good privacy practices from the beginning, and GDPR does not have a big impact on our service. Both Germany and Finland (location of our HQ) have had strict privacy laws in place. GDPR harmonizes the laws and gives the officials more tools to enforce the regulation.

We've gone through our service, processes, and technical setup in regards to GDPR. The bottom line: Kadermanager is GDPR compliant. We are a European company, and have developed our product with an eye on GDPR since 2016. We offer a service that is reliable, secure, and compliant, and that helps sports clubs to be compliant as well.

Clubs vs hobby teams

GDPR does not affect individuals. Anyone can still maintain a "data registry" of for example friends' names and numbers. If you and your friends have training session and group's data in Kadermanager, nothing changes: you are good to keep on going.

Many sports clubs registered organizations. An organization maintains a registry of members and has to inform the members about what and why is saved in the registry.

A club is a data controller. In this case, Kadermanager is a data processor. As a processor we are responsible for data security and data controller access to check and possible delete their data.

Sports club or organization in practice

Using Kadermanager as data processor is rather simple. You can add something along these lines to your information to your members:

  • We use an European to organize our groups' events and responding your participation to the events.
  • Therefore processes some personal data: name, email address, phone number, last login date, team name, Facebook id (if using FB login).
  • Data in Kadermanager are carefully secured according to Impressum.

Kadermanager databases reside in the EU, and personal data are not transferred outside of the EU. The teams' manager members can list and edit personal data on the team's Kadermanager page (navigation Spielerliste), and if needed, delete a person's data with a click of a button. Any personal data in Kadermanager is never shared with 3rd parties. For those requiring specifics, here is our data processing addendum.

You decide about your data

We secure the data and maintain data protection

We commit to comply with GDPR

We help in managing your team